The Zoning Board of Appeals (annual organizational meeting in December and whenever necessary)

The Zoning Board of Appeals handles Ordinance disputes


Stu Creel, Chairperson, 906/875-6328, 

Angela Stafford, Planning Commission Liaison

Cindy Herman

Sheri Skrzyniarz



Planning Commission (meets 1st Wednesdays of the month at 5 pm)


Planning Commission handles the Ordinance and Land Divisions decisions


Rick Herman, Chairperson, 906/367-2331,

Chad Skinner, Township Board Liaison

Courtney Franz

Angela Stafford

John Bjork




!!Attention Mastodon Township Residents and Property Owners!!
The Township Board would like to make sure all property owners and buyers have a clear understanding on zoning, building permits, and fees.
BEFORE you decide to BUILD, DIVIDE, EXPAND, REPLACE, BUY or SELL property in Mastodon Township, 
1) Property owners are responsible for making sure all permits and fees are taken care of when doing construction. The contractor is NOT responsible. If the contractor includes permits and fees in the bid, make sure you get copies of the permits and receipts for fees paid.
2) There are 6 zoning districts: Agricultural, Residential, Resort Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Multiple Use Forest. Depending upon what you may want to do on your property, each district has its own setbacks, limits, and rules. If you don't know what zone your property is, contact the Township Hall and we will help you.
Your zoning classification is different from your tax classification shown on your tax bill. Don't get confused by these 2 different classifications.
3) You need a Mastodon Township Zoning Compliance to be approved before obtaining an Iron County Building Permit. So call the Township for this before you start any work.
4) Permits, Fees and Penalties Schedule is on the back of the compliance sheet. You will also be responsible for any Special Meeting and Lawyer Costs.
5) If you are fined for a violation, and you want to discuss it, you must request a Special Meeting in writing to the Mastodon Township Legislative Board. These issues WILL NOT be discussed at a regular monthly meeting.
6) Township Zoning Administrator is Jeff Seppala and can be reached at 906/875-6332
7) Zoning Book, Permits, Fees, and Fines Schedule, and revisions are available from the Township Hall (906/875-6232) or online at www.

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